Friday, November 3, 2017

Global stamping friends blog hop 15

Welcome to my stop of Global stamping friends! This is our 15th blog hop, Anything but a card.
Welcome! I am in Surrey, BC, Canada, which is close to Vancouver

Well, it's November 3rd.  We officially have snow on the ground.
And that means CHRISTMAS!!!

This is what i'm looking at as I write this:

I know that a lot of people say it's too early, but hear me out.  In two weeks and two days, I have 15 people coming over for Christmas baking, and making a stack of Christmas cards, and i've been doing this for at least 5 years, and it really kick starts the season for my customers to come into a house that's all head to toe decked out.

So, with that in mind, what i've been working on, is a tea advent calendar!!!  We have this tea shop called "David's Tea", and they have this wonderful Tea Advent... but it's $45! And I just can't justify that. SO! I went over to the local Craft store (ahem, Michaels), and found these for $20.

It is 24 jewelry containers, and a magnetic countdown board, and a roll of magnetic adhesive. THEN was the fun part!!! I dumped out all my old and new DSP and covered each of the jewelry containers with two circles, two different sizes.
My favorite is our glitter paper and our new Be Merry Christmas DSP! see if you can spot it in there.
Here's a close up.

And then each of the little containers you put a scoop of tea in, and you've got yourself a unique gift for you (or a friend!)
And the completed project:

Thanks for stopping by!

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14. Erica Jones you are here!


  1. Thats an amazing idea!!
    Was the board from Michaels too or did you make that too?

    1. Yes!!! It happened to be 40% this week. You could definitely DIY but I loved this as is

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  3. Ooh fabulous! Brilliant idea... must get on and make my Advent Calendar too... I am now thinking coffee!! Thanks for the inspiration....

  4. Great idea! And it has so many uses.

  5. What a fabulous idea. Perfect way to use up designer series paper and embellishments :)

  6. OH.EM.GEE...that is so AWESOME! I love the idea of a scoop of tea each day. Thanks for sharing :-D